Five Essential Photography Tips for Bloggers

Five Essential Photography Tips for Bloggers
essential tips for bloggers

I started my photography business doing portraits and then moved over to fashion. Over the past few years, I have begun to work with a number of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. This seemed like a natural progression for me as I get to mix the two elements.

It seems no matter how experienced the blogger may be, I am always asked for advice of the same topics. So I have decided to blog about my top tips before heading into a photo shoot as a blogger.

Urban Meets Erban

Urban Meets Erban

Colour Schemes – This is a very important part of your branding. Think of the colours and feel of your blog, website or Instagram. Do you prefer a certain colour scheme? For instance, many bloggers and instagrammers love to have pink or blush or rosegold within part of their theme. These colours should be part of your photo shoot – whether it is in your clothes, props or even background colours,

This could also come though as part of the editing process. For instance, some bloggers and instagrammers love that vintage feel to their photos. For these clients, I wouldn’t edit their photos to have bright pops of colour stand out.

Kale Chips and Chip Tips

Kale Chips and Chip Tips

Personality – Let your personality shine! If you are bold and bubbly, that should definitely come through in your photos. On the other hand, if you are shier, that should come through as well. It’s all about your brand and being authentic to you.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle!

Location – Again, this is all about your brand. If you are a street fashion blogger, take your style outside! This also goes back to your colour scheme.  If you have more of a vintage look and feel, try a historic area of your town or city, or even simpler, something with a lot of red bricks (the Distillery District is amazing for this look if you happen to be in Toronto like me!). Alternatively, if you have pink or blush theme, try a local café or ice cream shop. So many restaurants are now catering to instagrammers and have such unique décor.

Another great location could be an AirBNB rental. These could be found relatively cheap and for a few hours. You can also preview the unit to see how much light is coming in and what the décor looks like.  I have used these short term rentals as an alternative to studio rentals with great results!

essential photo tips for instagrammers

Makeup – This is probably my number one piece of advice. If you are doing your makeup yourself, apply more than you typically would in “real life”. Sephora is a great place to go to get your makeup done at a reasonable price - especially if you are already part of their VIB Program. The flash from the camera tends to wash out a lot of the colour. Another tip (for the ladies) is to use fake eyelashes. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic (again, going with your personal style and the style of your outfit) but it makes such a huge difference.

Time of day – I’m sure you’ve heard never to book a shoot at noon. Especially in the middle of the summer. This is because the sun is directly above you and at its brightest. It casts ugly shadows where no one wants them, aging you, and also tends to cause you to squint. My best advice is to plan your photo shoot either in the early morning or later in the afternoon (the golden hour). The sun’s rays aren’t as strong and can cast a beautiful glow.

Also, overcast days are the best days.  The clouds act as a filter for the sun’s rays and you can get some beautiful light – naturally!

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