How to get gorgeous fall portiats

I personally love outdoor photography!  It is a great way to capture the seasons (as long as it’s not too cold!)

Although this month can be a bit cold, as long as you're dressed for it, you can get some of the most beautiful fall photos during this month.  The leaves are the most perfect reds and oranges and golden yellow. And the sun gives off the most perfect golden light this time of year.


On location shots can also bump up the “intrestingness” of a photo. There are always gorgeous locations, regardless of where you live.

For instance, fall photos are great with the added textures of fallen leaves and all the different colours you don’t see throughout the year.

These photos  were taken at a local park with a small lake. 


I used everything I could find to use as backdrops – leaves, water, pathways, you name it! Nature can be the most beautiful backdrop (and best of all - its free!) and props can be just about anything! A handful of leaves, a stick - almost anything goes!

Just please, always make sure the child is properly dressed for the weather.  Kids are much happier when they are comfortable (not too hot or too cold!). 

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