Holiday Dressing - Be Sure to be Photo Ready

Holiday Dressing - Be Sure to be Photo Ready
Holiday dressing

I can't even count the number of holiday parties I have scheduled this year!

And while most of the year, I prefer to wear lots of colour, I found myself dressing in a lot of black lately. 

As my own personal rule, I never to wear all plain black - there has to be some sort of detail to it to make it interesting. 

I love this dress for so many reasons.  

The coloured beading and embroidered  details are just one. I love that the colour of the embroidery is unexpected - a pale green and almost a light gold is just so pretty.  Also, the sleeves of this dress are also very "of the moment". I love bell sleeves. 

beaded details

Most importantly (to me at least) this dress is stunning for all those holiday photos we are all bound to taking!

Although the dress is all black, the intricate beading and embroidery details are shown off very well in photos. The colour of the embroidery is so subtle and unexpected this time of year. The metallic thread of the embroidery helps to catch the light and make you the star of the show!

what to wear for the holidays

The simple shift style of this dress is also perfect for holiday dressing as it hides all that holiday overeating we all tend to do at the previous holiday parties - yet shows off those curves you want everyone to see! It is so very flattering on so many body types! 

Christmas party dress

Although the neckline is so simple, I prefer not to style this dress with too much jewellery. The embroidery is the jewellery for this dress. I have chosen to style it with simple stud earrings in a similar colour to the embroidery. 

I also styled this dress with a great pair of booties.  These ones has gorgeous gold leather along the heel - so very unexpected. I also love the shape of the booties - the wider mouth is perfect for shorter dresses. And the little gold strap on the inside is such a great little detail. 

Holiday dressing - be sure to be photo ready!