All White Everything
Summer whites

With summer upon us, so are the inevitable all white summer parties.

Every year, friends of ours invite us to an all white party. It being held on a boat, its definitely one of our favourite parties of the year. Once receiving the invitation, however, the unavoidable question remains - what do I wear??

white party outft

I am the type of person who never buys a new outfit for just one night. All of my clothes have to be multi-purpose. (I believe the equation goes a little something like this: multi-purpose clothing = saving money = happy husband!)

This white matte sequin skit as been sitting in my closet for months. As it's white, I don't feel like I get enough wear out of it. (Summer is way too shot in Toronto!)

White Sequin skirt

The top is actually a body suit I purchased from bay last year and practically live in it! It is so versatile - I wear it with everything from jeans, a blazer to work to very ultra-dressy skirts!

The shoes, of course, hold a particular sentimental value to me.  These were my wedding shoes and I try to wear them every chance I get (back to that whole multi-purpose thing)

boat party outfit
white outfit details
All White Everything pin.jpg