How to Add a Punch of Color to Your Summer Outfts
colour to summer outfits

Typically, you can find me in all black almost all year-round. But when summer makes its appearance, I like to add a punch of colour to my everyday outfits.

This year, for me, that colour is orange.

I was obsessed with finding the perfect orange purse for summer. 

summer details

I chose orange because, even though it’s a bright colour, it’s pretty much a neutral.  It pairs perfectly with most things in my closet. Orange looks amazing with white and denim (a classic color combination), but it also pairs nicely with other staples in my closet – navy blue, grey, khaki….

Because I am only using this purse for our short summer season – max of 4 months here in Toronto, I opted not to purchase an expensive designer brand. I couldn’t justify the price knowing that next summer I will likely move on to another colour.

I found this bright orange suede purse at Zara. It’s the perfect size, as I am trying to move towards smaller bags, and I love the chain strap detail that dresses up my casual outfits. 

pop of colour

A brightly coloured purse is my favourite way to add colour in the summer months.  Its low maintenance, meaning, you don't have to think too much about planning your outfit.  If investing in a super bright purse is too much for you, think about adding accessories like jewelry or shoes in an unexpected hue!  

orange purse with neutrals
orange accessories