My Sephora Buys
Sephora Hull

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Appreciation Event is one of my favourite sales. I use this time to stock up on things I need and use all the time...and maybe pick up an item or two to prepare for the upcoming season. You know, a fun new lipstick or fragrance.

 For those of you who may have mistakenly deleted the email, here are the promo codes:

Rouge 20% off                     code YESROUGE

VIB 15% off                           code YESVIB

Beauty Insider 10% off       code YESINSIDER

Here are a few things that I love to stock up on:

Urban Decay Perversion

I can't go a day without mascara. I am addicted!  I use Urban Decay's Perversion as my everyday mascara. I love it - it makes my lases look full and long - who could ask for anything more! Plus it doesn't bother my sensitive eyes like most drug store brands do.




Stila Huge Extreme Lash

I love the drama of false eyelashes but I don't really like wearing fake eyelashes. I can never put them on right - one always looks lopsided.  And then they start falling off.  not fun.  For the days when I want that dramatic look, I use Stila's Huge Extreme Lash.  All the drama without any eyelash malfunctions throughout the day. Whenever I wear this mascara, I always get asked if I'm wearing



Clinique 7 Day Scrub

I have really dry skin that flakes in the winter. (I'm convinced my skin hates me). I live by this facial scrub. I use it every single day in the shower. It gets rid of all those dry patches and makes my skin look flawless. Best of all, my makeup couldn't go on smoother.  





IGK Expensive Amla Oil Hi Shine Topcoat

I was skeptical when I first bought this conditioning treatment. The reviews for this were so positive, I thought why not (Sephora also has an amazing return policy so why not.) I've tried so many things from high priced products to at-home remedies but this really worked to make my hair look healthy and beyond shiny!  I use this for

Bumble and Bumble Straight 

This shampoo and conditioner is amazing!  it adds moisture to my dry hair and gets rid of most of the frizziness. Perfect for those hot days in summer here in Toronto but also perfect for when I go on vacation. 

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