Photo Gallery Wall
New Photo Gallery Wall

As you may know, the Mister and I recently moved into a new condo. 

I absolutely love the new space, but since the layout is completely different from our previous place, this means redecorating from scratch.  

The new place is more of an open concept compared to where we were before and I've lost a lot of wall space.  While to most people, this may not seem like a big issue, in fact, it may seem like a bonus! But keep in mind that I'm a photographer first. I have tons of photos from my travels (the only souvenirs I need and collect!). But more importantly, I never made a photo album for our wedding photos.  Instead, I framed the really good ones (we were lucky to have a lot of great shots) and created a gallery wall.

framed wedding photos

In my old condo, I made a 3x5 gallery wall (which you can see here) but I just don't have a similar wall space anymore.  Instead, I opted to create a 2x7 gallery wall. 

I got these 11x11 black gallery frames from Chapters-Indigo.  I fell in love with the simplicity of these frames and love that they practically match any decor.

placing photos

The first thing I did was lay everything out on the floor to decide which photos will go where. I mixed in a few photos from some of the places the Mister and I have traveled to - just to mix it up a bit.

that saudia chick's photo gallery
placing framed photos

After this came the hard part - how high do I hang them?? 

I have a really odd drop in the ceiling, bringing the ceiling height to 7 feet on the only wall that I could display my photos.  I have read that the centre of your "wall art" should be at 5'5". This may work well with large pieces but I don't think that translated well with a photo gallery wall. Instead, i made the bottom row centred to 5'5". (When I did the 3 rows at my old place, I made sure that the centre row was centred to the height of 5'5".)  Because I don't like nails or holes in my walls, I opted to use the Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang my photos.

I must say, I am quite happy with the final results (even if it did take me months to finally get around to!).

final gallery wall
creating a gallery wall