Premier Protein Shake - an honest review
chocolate protein shake

I recently received the Premier Protein Shakes for free for an honest, non-biased review.

premier chocolate shake

Now, its been sometime since I've been to the gym (and by that I mean the gym in my condo a short elevator ride down), so receiving this felt like the universe was telling to get back to the gym!  

Premier Protein shakes boast 30g of protein and only 1g of sugar.  I received two flavours - chocolate and vanilla.

Typically, I make my own protein smoothies using protein powder, a banana, greek yogurt and other fruits.  In comparison, my smoothie is much thicker than the Premier Protein Shakes. 

The chocolate shake was very good. Very smooth and not chalky aftertaste as I expected. It is a little sweeter than I am used to but I also don't usually drink the chocolate flavours.

vanilla premier protein shake

Oddly enough, unlike the chocolate shake, the vanilla shake had a very distinct chemical sweetener taste to it.  I don't typically use chemical sweeteners and have also cut down on my sugar intake, so this wasn't very appealing to me.

Overall, I don't think I would purchase the vanilla Premier Protein shake. The chocolate, on the other hand, I likely would!  It is perfect for on the go and taste great!

chocolate protein packed smoothie