48 Hours in Seattle
Pike Market

Back in January, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle for a very short 2 days. While the visit was short, it was packed with many activities. 

Seattle is such a great city, with amazing food and unique activities for everyone of all ages to visit.

Pike Market is definitely a must see for your visit to Seattle. You can find anything from fresh food, flowers to antiques all under one roof.

seattle fresh fish

Right at the main entrance at the corner of 1st and Pike Streets is a fish monger.  The workers there are known for throwing fresh fish to each other (not to the customers).  But yes. Throwing it. 

The Pike Market is also home to the iconic Starbucks location at 1912 Pike Place – not to be confused with the Starbucks location at 1st and Pike, which is just a regular location very close to the market. At 1912 Pike Place, you can buy all of their coffee beans here and brew them yourself at home as well as their special Pike reserve blend and special Starbucks merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else!

Seattle gum wall

One of the alleys next to the Pike Market is where you will find the infamous gum Wall.  If you haven’t visited, it is exactly what it sounds like – an alley with gum all over the walls. It’s disgusting, yes, but manages to be pretty at the same time. Just don’t lean against the wall or touch anything!

disgustingly beautiful - Seattle's gum wall

Follow one of the stairs down to the waterfront where you can’t miss the Ferris Wheel. You can take in some amazing views of both the city and the islands from this vantage point.  And after all that walking, pull up a seat of one of the many restaurants specializing in seafood.  Seattle has some of the best and freshest seafood! 

Seattle Ferris Wheel
Seattle Space Needle

One of the more obvious things to do in Seattle is to visit the Space Needle. Standing 605 feet tall, you can get some amazing photos or videos of the city and mountain ranges as it offers a full 356 degree view. What is also unique about this tower, is that it is somewhat open (with glass walls of course!). A word of caution though. I went here one day when it was raining and the winds from the storm were way too much for me to handle. 

Almost next door to the Space Needle is one of my favourite spots in all of Seattle - the Museum of Pop Culture, also known as MOPOP. Here, you can visit some really unique exhibitions! Every time I visit, I always spend too much time at the Sound Lab! Here you get to play around with all sorts of instruments, mixing equipment and and even have your own jam session! This is the spot where I found out just how NOT musically inclined I am. (It was actually quite scary listening to my failed attempt at playing various instruments that I thought I'd be great at. 

Museum of Pop Culture

There are so many other great exhibitions to visit here without making yourself look like an idiot like I did. There are exhibits dedicated to Horror films, space and fantasy, and of course, Seattle's gunge music scene.  This is definitely not your teacher's museum! Kids of all ages are guaranteed to love this place!

sightseeing in Seattle
48 Hours in Seattle - Travel Guide